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Paul strives to create a therapeutic partnership and works with you to achieve your health goals.

Acute injuries

Chronic illness

Optimizing Wellness

Patients are assessed and treated through the dual lenses of Functional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The human element is sometimes lost in modern medicine and institutional settings, and Paul's integrated approach returns patients to the forefront.

Family Health

At the very heart of chronic diseases, we find inflammation, oxidative stress, and poor nutritional status. We now know that nutrition, emotions, and lifestyle all regulate genetic expression, and play a role in preventing the onset of disease. In other words genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger. 

Imagine individual care that enables you to:

- Experience immediate relief

- Maintain and improve quality of life

- Increase energy
- Lower stress

- Prevent disease
- Compliment any necessary Rx medicine 

Sports Medicine

Paul integrates both traditional and modern sports medicine techniques, to help you optimize your body, inside and out. Whether you are an athlete, fitness professional or weekend warrior, Paul's approach to sports medicine keeps you in the game and performing your personal best.

Its not just about a shiny chassis, you need to look under the hood. Micronutrient status, inflammation, and oxidative stress can adversely affect performance. Test, don’t guess, and ensure that your engine is running efficiently.


Meet Paul

Paul Gamache, LAc

Like many of my patients, I am an avid athlete and lover of the outdoors. I have experienced a variety of injuries from an active lifestyle. Like many of my patients, I inherited genes that predispose me to chronic suffering and in the past have indeed struggled with my health. Like many of my patients, I’ve seen members of my family and loved ones sick and injured, and have felt frustrated for them.

Dream of a Life with Optimal Health

My own journey brought me to find answers in an integrative natural medicine approach, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. I’ve learned that we must consider each person as a whole, that each person has a unique history, environment, and genetic code. I’ve learned that lifestyle factors can and do trigger illnesses that range from common colds to autoimmune diseases to recurring injuries. I’ve also learned that we can prevent and even reverse disease, that we are not defined by our genes nor destined for poor health.

Create the Life You Dream of.

By realizing your genetic makeup, by considering your history, and by assessing your environments, both internal and external, together we can formulate a unique, specific, and individualized plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

PDG Health + Wellness

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