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Paul is pleased to share the clinic space with ReNee, Scott, and Susan! Together, we have created a Wellness Community to better serve you, our patients, and neighbors.


ReNee Greenberg, RN, LAc

Specializing in Women's Health, ReNee has been integrating Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine in her private practice for the last 15 years. Her knowledge of Western medicine with her use of Functional and Chinese Medicine has been a powerful, holistic approach to helping her patients return to their optimal health.

Scott Olsen

Scott is a biomechanics soft tissue therapist specializing in sports medicine and movement coaching helping people alleviate pain, improve mobility, and increase functional movement. His work focuses on issues such as tendonitis, joint pain and injury recovery. Scott has developed an awareness of kinetic movement, fascia and joint loading that is hard to find in text books. 

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Susan Curry

Susan is an emotional frequency intuitive, holistic life coach and nutritional advisor, specializing in the adjustment of inner frequencies. She is founder and developer of the modality, InteriorWerx, a human performance tool which can be generally described as a naturopathic, intuitive life coaching program.

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